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  • Sega Movie Confirmed!

    The mysterious Sega movie has been confirmed, and it ain't Sonic. Rather, it will be on Sega's "House of the Dead" series. Here's some facts from Dark Horizons.

    House of the Dead: Mindfire Entertainment, the company behind "Free Enterprise" and "The Specials" has just inked a deal with Sega to do a feature based on its "The House of the Dead" arcade and video game. You may recall a while ago that Jesse Dylan was attached to possibly direct the project but then it had sinced fizzled with no word for almost a year on what had happened to it. Now with the very similar "Resident Evil" project finally moving out of development hell, so has this zombie computer game-turned-movie project. The film's producer Daniel Kletzky says "Unlike previous attempts to adapt video games, we intend for 'The House of the Dead' to be a very hip, cutting edge film with state-of-the-art special effects and a great, contemporary soundtrack that will satisfy fans of the game as well as all moviegoers who love supernatural thrillers". There's also a big Internet presence planned with footage from the set, streaming prequel sequence videos, and "other interactive features". Shooting is expected to begin in February with an aim to release it around Fall 2001. Thanks to 'Agent M'

    Source: Dark Horizons now ships Wallscrolls

    For those who ordered the Sonic Adventure wallscrolls when they "came out" last month, you may have noticed that never got the wallscrolls on time. Well, I got an e-mail the other day from them, and all Sonic Adventure wallscrolls are ready for shipping!

    Import Samba de Amigo Reviewed!

    Want to see a game that got a better review than Dead or Alive 2 or ::sigh:: even Resident Evil Code: Veronica? Well, Samba de Amigo (import) got a 9.4, beating Dead or Alive 2’s 8.9 and REC:V’s 9.2. Way to go, Sonic Team! Click here to read! Source: IGN DC

    Next month in EGM- SCREENSHOTS OF SA 2!

    YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY! Next month in Electronic Gaming Monthly, you will be able to see the FIRST SCREENSHOTS OF SONIC ADVENTURE 2! They will even give out info on what’s sure to be one of the biggest and best games in Sega history! Unless this is an “April Fools’ Joke by EGM, this is […]

    Sonic the…Store?

    According to “”, there is a Sonic the Hedgehog-only store! Yet another instance of “Why isn’t this in America!?” graces the IGNDC update. Today’s topic of much disgust among American gamers concerns Sonic Team’s announcement of a new Sonic Fashion Specialty Shop, housed in the south pavilion of Nagoy’as Matsuzakaya department store. On offer are […]

    Sonic Adventure 2 News

    This Comes from “Segaweb”. is saying that Sonic Adventure 2, the Sonic sequel everyone’s hoping for, will be announced soon, unveiled at E3, and hit the US by Christmas. All very exciting, except of course that SegaWeb already reported this strongly-hinted-at rumor some time ago. Source:””

    Chu Chu Rocket only $30!

    Right now, most stores and online stores state the price of Sonic Team’s new game, Chu Chu Rocket at $30, instead of Sega’s usual $40-$50 dollar price range. As some of you would know, Chu Chu Rocket cost $50 in Japan, but that was for a copy of the game and a “Chu Chu Edition” […]

    Chance for Sonic Party after all?

    Well, I was really skeptic hearing about “Sonic Party” from a website which lists games like “Hello Kitty in Quake III Land” as a game coming in 2000. But, I changed my mind when I read in The Official Dreamcast Magazine. It lists it as a semi-rumor- maybe some truth after all? I hope so!

    Tales From the Crypt Back-Still a <I>little</I> hope for SatAM?

    Well, this probably belongs on the Forum, but here it goes: Tales from the Crypt, the cartoon show (not the live action) is back on Saturday Morning TV. Why is this Sonic related? You might remember that Tales from the Crypt was part of ABC’s Saturday line-up, along with Sonic SatAM. Tales from the Crypt […]