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  • Daily Radar Top 100

    Daily Radar has just posted what they think to be their top 100 games/series of all time. While most of them deserve to be there, they completely ignored some of the more insanely good Sega franchises. Sonic clocked in at 19th place, far below Mario (1st), Metal Gear (2nd), as well as Tetris (6th), Street Fighter (10th), Pac Man (11th), Tony Hawk (12th), and Half-Life (15th). This is what they had to say about the Sonic Series:

    While this series is certainly nowhere near as deep as the platform originator Mario, go back and play it today and you'll find a solid, highly enjoyable platform game. Nintendo may have been the innovator, but Sega polished the concept to a new level with the Sonic series.

    Hmph. Flames can be sent by going to this page.

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    Sonic Open – But Not Finished

    As reported below – has opened, however its far from actually being finished. ^___^ According to Chainspike (Lien) who checked it out this morning: I downloaded the SA2 trailer, and it’s in much better quality than the ones from the E3 coverage. It’s exactly the same, just better image quality and new music. They’ve […]

    ASSD to Return and a new Sonic Series by the Creators

    A Super Sonic Destiny was going to be a really cool movie made by some Sonic fans, but the idea was canned when they had staff problems but it’s back!! Yes, they are going to continue it BUT in Comic format! It’s still really cool though. Here’s what the owner said: Well, its been a […]

    Just a little addition to what’s below

    Just a little note, I heard from a friend in the UK that the playable female (or A playable female) is actually Tikal. I’m not 100% sure though but he said he read it in some magizine I’d never heard of. Just to let you guys know. And don’t you think that pic on the […]

    The [honest] Sonic Grammy Awards!

    Ever since that other site ran their Sonic Emmies award page, I wanted to make my own because their polls had no cookies, and it was kind of obvious some people cheated. This time, there will be no cheating because I’ve set the poll so you can only vote once. Please go to my website […]

    The Sonic Anime to be on STARZ

    The Sonic Anime (English Dubbed Verson) is going to be on the STARZ cable channel and no I won’t tape it for you… wait that’s not the point of this… STARZ, Mon Mar 13 9:10AM STARZ, Thu Mar 16 5:20AM STARZ, Sun Mar 19 10:00AM STARZ, Mon Mar 20 4:15AM

    This is kind of a cool item at Ebay

    It’s a promo for Dreamcast and the poster itself is really huge. 37″ X 49″!! The picture is to big to desplay here so you’ll have to go here to view it. It’s really a nice item!

    Less than 24 hours to live.. I mean.. to sign

    Only one more day til Ben Hurst’s meeting with the executive at Dic in which he’ll propose the 3 options for SatAM: Pick the series up Do the third season as direct to video A film The more signatures we have the better the chances of getting the show back. Please, I beg you to […]

    Vintage STC For Sale And Trade

    This message was just posted on the STC Mailing List courtesy of Selena ( If you are interested in trading or buying STC Comic books please contact the person below. A link to her page has been placed in the source: Hiya STCs for sale or trade or auction…see how good I am at this […]

    Sonic Underground Canned Again

    I was just at and found out by their schedule, Sonic Underground is no longer a part of SciFi! I checked everywhere and as far as I could see, the last episode will air Thursday, February 18. This may be a good break for the SatAM to return, especially if SU keeps on going […]