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  • A Super Sonic Destiny In Need Of Help

    How often have you wanted your art talent to be recognized? Ever dreamed of being in a movie? Now’s your chance. A group of people who are wonderful at animation and fan made anime have come together to bring us a Sonic-Related movie A Super Sonic Destiny! I have seen this movie in action and […]

    SA Report

    Below is a brief summary of the first 6 hours of play I have had with Sonic Adventure. I am not sure where to start, after spending close to $650.00 I was starting to get a little buyers remorse. In all honestly, I was questioning if Sonic would be that great. Famitsu gave it good […]

    Sonic Adventure Review By Teck

    I've just received my copy of Sonic Adventure and I wanted to share my first feelings. First, there are no way to describe the beauty of the game. Graphics are really stunning and the animation is awesome. You ve never seen so detailed textures. Neither you ever seen a game of that speed. Sonic and […]