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    Sega and THQ released a joint press release today announcing that Sonic Battle would be released during January of 2004. The release also indicated that a third installment in the Sonic Advance series would be released for the Gameboy Advance before the end of the upcoming year.

    Click below for the full-text of the release

    SEGA announces profit

    Today, SEGA released their quarterly earnings report. The report stated that in the period between April and June of this year, the company made a profit of 1.89 billion yen($15.8 million).

    SEGA executives are claiming that this profit is thanks to strong sales on the recently released "Sonic Adventure:DX" for the Nintendo Gamecube, along with other titles.

    Source: Planet Gamecube

    SEGA's in-house sound and music production department, "Wave Master", responsible for producing the sound and music for Sonic games, has announced that they are creating two record labels.

    Wave Master Entertainment will release music CDs that come out of Sega's studios, such as game, anime and movie soundtracks. The other new label, Wave Master Artists, will pursue popular Japanese artists and handle their new CD releases. This second label has already signed on Avex, who has done music for some Sega games in the past.

    Source: Planet Gamecube

    PlanetGamecube broke the story on Sega's upcoming reorganization. Several of their developement studios are being merged together to create new studios, while others are being axed completely. Sega is doing this in an attempt to slim down.

    As a part of this reorganization, Sonic Team is being merged with the studio "United Game Artists", makers of such games as Space Channel 5, and Rez. No details yet on what the new studio will be named, or when this merger will take place.

    For fulltext of article, click link below.

    McDonalds and Sega are auctioning off a special collection of Sonic memorabilia on ebay. All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity.

    The items included in the collection are...
    -Two complete sets (six games in each set) of the SEGA/McDonald's premiums: one standard set, and one special silver-plated set created specifically for this auction (one of only two silver-plated sets available to the public!)
    -A copy of the upcoming "Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut" for Nintendo GameCube - before it launches - as well as a copy of the newly released "Sonic Pinball Party" for Game Boy Advance
    -A framed picture of SEGA's official mascot and the world's favorite speedy blue hero, Sonic The Hedgehog, signed by his creator and president of world-renowned SONICTEAM development studio, Yuji Naka
    -One beautiful Sonic crystal paperweight to add a little bit of fun to any workplace or home office.
    -One sterling silver Sonic ring - one of 500 in existence!
    -A one-of-a-kind Sonic The Hedgehog statue - one of only 250 available!

    Source: *Planet Gamecube*

    Ken Penders reccently announced the following auction on his message board. The auction is for the original cover art for the upcoming tenth anniversary issue of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog #125.

    This particular auction is unique in that the original pencil art by Patrick Spaziante, the inked version by Nelson Ribiero, and a colorred version also by Patrick Spaziante are all being sold together. According to Penders, this is the only piece of pencilled cover art for the Sonic comic in existence, since the inker usually inks write over the pencils and then then erases them.

    The starting price of the auction is $1,000.

    Source: *Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art*