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    Not only are there a HUGE selection of Sonic Pocket Adventure Snapshots. there is now 8 movies of the game thanks to Gamefan!! They are in real format. go see them here Source: Gamefan

    SegaSonic News: Sonic The Hedgehog – Pocket Adventure

    The next Sonic game due for release: Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure finally has a SLEW of information out on it! Marking the first return of Sonic on a handheld since the days of Game Gear, STHPA is playable on the Neo Geo Pocket Color and is due for a release in two weeks. Features […]

    News Shorts – Sonic Pocket And Australia Delayed (Again)

    A few news bits to start the day with: Sonic Pocket Adventure will be released in the United States before its released in Japan! In a surprise announcement by SNK the US version of Sonic Pocket Adventure for Neo Geo Pocket Color will be available on December 4, two weeks ahead of the Japanese release […]

    Sonic Adventure 2 In 2000?

    There has been a lot of talk recently on one specific piece of intel. The sequel to Sonic Adventure. Sega of Japan all but confirmed the game recently, and now the gaming grapevine indicates that we may be seeing it sooner than we thought. It seems that Sonic Team has already begun development on Sonic […]

    Archie Sonic #6 On Ebay A.J. Freda is selling another early issue of Archie, Sonic #6. This copy is near-mint with a wear on the spine and contians the adaption of Sonic Spinball. Contains: “The Spin Doctor!”, and “Sonic’s Christmas Carol”. Contributors to this issue are Dave Manak (pencils), and Mike Gallagher (writer). Bidding finishes on the 25th of […]

    The Chaotix See Action Again?

    For those that didnt know, yesterday was the release of Knuckles #32 – the final issue of the book. All the Knuckles stories will be moving as permanent backups in the issues of Sonic The Hedgehog starting in two weeks with Sonic #79 – The Sonic Adventure Adaption. But where will Knuckles, The Chaotix, Julie-Su […]

    Toonami Reviews Sonic Adventure!

    An interesting tidbit that I thought I’d mention here, Cartoon Network’s block of Toonami – The Midnight Run did a review of Dreamcast games, and among those reviewed were Sonic Adventure! If I’m correct, SA recieved a 4 out of 5 whereas the DC itself recieved a 5 out of 5. The only game given […]

    The Latest In DC Sales – England And USA

    The latest list of chart toppers have arrived for Dreamcast. In the USA, Visual Concepts NFL 2K leads the Dreamcast pack. Furthermore, the popular football title dominated the week before, and expect to see it stay at the top, as the Super Bowl nears in January. Following in second was Sonic Adventure, and Ready 2 […]

    Archie Sonic #5 up on Ebay A.J. Freda is selling the hard to find Archie Comic, Sonic #5.? This copy is near-mint. Contains: “Olympic Trials and Errors!”, “Chomp on This, Chump!”, and “Fast Food!” Also, this is one of the early issues when Rotor was called Boomer! Contributors to this issue are Jon D’Agostino (inks), Dave Manak (pencils), and Angelo […]

    Archie Comics Shorts.

    Ken Penders has put up some lovely covers of the Sonic Adventure adaption for the Archie Comic book. Only  2 (Sonic 80 & 81) work at the moment, the rest will be up soon. since he Knuckles/Sonic books colliding, i **think** the 80 cover is much different than before. Go see them here Also Ken […]