Sonic The Hedgehog #48



Sonic The Hedgehog #48 Cover A
Sonic The Hedgehog #48 RI

Release Feb 23, 2022
Writer Evan Stanley
Interior Art Aaron Hammerstrom
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-LONG-ADVENTURE leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

The Chaotix are on the case! Central City has been turned upside-down by unmanageable traffic, and reports of lightning and water moving in odd ways have the city’s emergency services scratching their heads. Is it a sewer-dwelling crocodile, a pair of unruly brothers, or something more sinister? Whatever it may be, Vector, Espio, and Charmy are sure to uncover the truth.

Story one[]




  • Chaotix
    • Charmy Bee
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Vector the Crocodile
  • Rough the Skunk
  • Tumble the Skunk


  • Sonic's world
    • Central City

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