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Sonic The Hedgehog #36

Sonic The Hedgehog #36

Wed Jan 13, 2021 Out Now!

Strap on your snowshoes, an avalanche is headed straight for White Park Chateau! Sonic and gang are going to have to act quickly if they want to save the White Park guests and stop the hooded figure from getting away with Tails! Join Evan Stanley for the action-packed conclusion of “Chao Races and Badnik Bases”

Sonic The Hedgehog #37

Sonic The Hedgehog #37

Wed Feb 10, 2021 25 d

There’s a new kid on the block! And a new… tower? While Tangle tries to initiate Belle into the Restoration, Sonic, Amy, and Tails investigate a mysterious looking tower that has popped up. Everyone is pushed to their limits in “Test Run”!

Sonic The Hedgehog #38

Sonic The Hedgehog #38

Wed Feb 17, 2021 32 d

Houston, there appears to be two hedgehogs and a fox floating through space…

Sonic, Amy, and Tails are stuck in a mysterious new Eggman base. Each room holds a challenging surprise and the hallways don’t make any sense! Can they find out how to escape unharmed? Meanwhile, Tangle and Belle sneak in to find the bots running the show and stumble into some trouble!

Sonic The Hedgehog #39

Sonic The Hedgehog #39

Wed Mar 31, 2021 74 d

Report: Test subjects S, A, and T are responding very well to experiments. Proceeding to phase three.

Sonic, Amy, and Tails are still stuck in Eggman’s evil tower and being subjected to his increasingly crazy tests. It doesn’t help that Tangle and Belle have unknowingly begun controlling the tower and are making it impossible for their friends to escape! Everyone’s limits are pushed as they try to make it out in time in “Test Run,” part three!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Fri Apr 8, 2022 447 d

Sequel to the 2020 movie. Title to be announced.

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    Nominations for the 2007 Eagle Awards have begun - and both Sonic the Comic Online and a host of former Sonic the Comic creators are in the running! Nominations close on February 28, with the top five nominees in each category going through to the voting round, and it's the decision of comic fans who gets through.

    STC Online is in the running for Favourite Web-Based Comic, Favourite Comics Related Website and Favourite Colour Comic (British), as well as having two entries in Favourite Comics Cover and Sonic himself is in the running for Favourite Comics Character.

    Former STC writers Nigel Kitching and Lew Stringer are up for Favourite Writer/Artist, and artist Richard Elson has been nominated for Favourite Comics Artist (Pencils) and Favourite Comics Artist (Fully-Painted Artwork).

    Source: Eagle Awards

    There's some new downloads up on the Xbox Live marketplace, including Eggman, Solenea and Sonic Memoria theme's and gamerpics!

    Written by Ian Flynn, Pencils by Tracy Yardley, Inks by Jim Amash, Cover by Tracy Yardley

    "Union": It's the biggest event in Knothole yet as two Freedom Fighters make the ultimate commitment! Which two long-time lovers will finally tie the knot? More importantly, will the secret Espio learns undo the happy matrimony? It's wedding bells and warning bells in the lead-in to the big issue #175 special event!
    32-page, $2.25 US. Shipping April 4th, 2007

    SONIC X #19
    Written by Joe Edkin, Pencils by Tracy Yardley, Inks by Terry Austin, Cover by Spaz

    "Muerta! Las Vegas!": Ever seeking ways to raise capital to finance more evil robots, Dr. Eggman takes a "gamble" that the new Throndyke Casino, owned by Sonic's best friend Chris' parents, might provide the "jackpot" he's looking for. Will Sonic, Tails and his friends be able to stop Eggman or will there be a new "king" in town complete with his own deadly two-armed bandit? You'll have to read this issue to see what happens because "what happens in this issue stays in this issue!"
    32-page, $2.25 US. Shipping April 18th, 2007

    "Unburying the Hatchet"
    What could be better than Dr. Eggman's killer robot, Metal Sonic? How about the real thing! What has turned Sonic against his friends in Knothole, and who among our heroes has to power to stop the true blue hero-gone-bad? SCRIPT: Ian Flynn ART: Tracy Yardley! (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks).
    Fiercely free cover by Spaz!
    On sale DCD May 5th, 2007
    32-page, full color comic FREE

    Source: Silver Bullet Comics

    Quoting from manaita:

    1. His World : Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis from Zebrahead

    2. Dreams Of An Absolution : LB

    3. All Hail Shadow : Crush40

    4. My Destiny : Donna DeLory

    5. His World : ZEBRAHEAD
    Played by ZEBRAHEAD.
    Jun said it has been more up-tempo and aggressive than the original one.

    6. DOAA LB vs. JS Remix : LB & Jun Senoue
    DOAA's Jun Senoue version.

    7. His World : Crush40
    Jun said this is heavy and darker than the original...I love this very much.
    For those interested, the vocal soundtrack is called "Several Wills" and will be out on January 10th.


    How many sales do you guys average through the store each day?