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Sonic The Hedgehog #53

Wed Sep 28, 2022 Out Now!

Surge is angry, and she’s about to make it everyone’s problem… At least everyone in Central City. Sonic’s friends race to stop her rampage, but there’s something different about her. Something…more powerful.

StH: Scrapnik Island #1

Wed Oct 19, 2022 12 d

It was a dark and stormy night. Harsh rain from an unnatural storm fell upon Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower as they flew above the sea in the Tornado. Lightning strikes, causing the plane to spiral downward into a crash landing on an uncharted island. What Sonic and Tails will soon learn is that the island is no island at all, but the floating remains of the Death Egg. Scrapped, rusted, and malfunctioning Badniks call this place home. Can the friends survive isolation on an island of robots programmed to destroy them?

Sonic The Hedgehog #54

Wed Oct 26, 2022 19 d

Coming to you live from Central City! There appears to be a malfunction with all electronics. Traffic lights are all green, TVs are smoking, and microwaves are beeping nonstop. Can Sonic the Hedgehog save us by lunchtime? I need to warm up my burrito! Stay tuned! Sonic and Tails race to Central City to stop Surge’s rampage, but they’re no match for her this time around.

Sonic Frontiers

Tue Nov 8, 2022 32 d

Worlds are colliding in Sonic the Hedgehog’s newest high-speed adventure. In search of the missing Chaos emeralds, Sonic becomes stranded on an ancient island teeming with unusual creatures.

StH: Scrapnik Island #2

Wed Nov 16, 2022 40 d

It’s alive! It’s rusted… It’s shaped like Sonic… It’s Mecha Sonic! He’s no longer Eggman’s prized invention but just a docile bot living among other washed-up Badniks. And now he is tasked with helping Sonic and Tails. Has Eggman’s nefarious programming truly been rusted over, or will Sonic’s presence awaken a forgotten part of Mecha Sonic?

StH: Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special

Wed Nov 16, 2022 40 d

Join Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, and Reggie Graham in celebrating Classic Tails’s 30th Anniversary! A comic all about the cutest, smartest, bravest fox around?! Heck yeah! Best buds Sonic and Tails are off to Flicky Island for a much needed vacation! But the relaxing beaches and beautiful mountains have been replaced by railroad tracks and giant crystals–scaring off the Flickies! Tails will have to put on a brave face to defeat the magical villain: Witchcart!

Sonic The Hedgehog #55

Wed Nov 23, 2022 47 d

Determined to end Sonic once and for all, Surge takes the fight home to Starline Base Sigma. But lingering ghosts and visitors threaten Surge’s precarious advantage over everyone.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Fri Dec 20, 2024 805 d

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    I have heard from many different places that Shadow is unlockable as a playable
    character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. That seems strange to me because Shadow
    is from SEGA and SSBM is from NINTENDO. My friend said that it was because of
    SA2B(?). Is Shadow really unlockable? If he is, could you please tell me how to
    do it?