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Sonic The Hedgehog #44

Wed Sep 15, 2021 Out Now!

MISSING: Belle the Tinkerer-doll-like look, blue eyes, made of wood, usually wears a green hat, and is known for being clumsy.

The search for Belle begins! Sonic and the Chaotix search far and wide for their new friend as she fights to escape. But will that be enough, or have the bad guys already won…? And where have the Zeti gone? Find out the conclusion to “Zeti Hunt”!

Sonic The Hedgehog #45

Wed Oct 13, 2021 18 d

The ROAD TO #50 starts here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

ROAD TRIP!!! The girls; Amy, Jewel, Tangle, and Belle, are heading off on a well-deserved camping trip. Between Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline, and the Deadly Six, life has been a bit stressful, so they hope rest and relaxation will bring them some peace. Unfortunately… tensions are high and Amy’s fortune card readings leave everyone feeling confused. Can the girls extinguish the awkwardness before it burns out of control? Find out in “TRIAL BY FIRE,” part one by Evan Stanley.

Sonic The Hedgehog #46

Wed Oct 27, 2021 32 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

This is not a drill! In “Trial by Fire,” part two by Evan Stanley, forest fire threatens the ecosystem and the campers-luckily, Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle are there to help! The Heroines must overcome their differences and work together to save the day.

Imposter Syndrome #1

Wed Nov 10, 2021 46 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

A surge of imposters spells trouble for Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and even Eggman! Dr. Starline is pulling every tool from his kit as he creates his fastest and smartest inventions. An all new mini-series from Sonic writer Ian Flynn, Imposter Syndrome #1 will have readers seeing double!

Sonic The Hedgehog #47

Wed Dec 22, 2021 88 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle’s peaceful camping trip is still up in flames… literally. The fire is blazing but all the tension from before has melted away and the heroines are ready to save the day! Plus, being confronted with such danger has some reevaluating their futures… Find out more in the final part of “Trial by Fire”!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Fri Apr 8, 2022 195 d

Sequel to the 2020 movie.

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    It seems that Yuji Naka and his Sonic Team decided to branch off from Sega and become an independant company. This means that they will be producing software for other systems and platforms other than the Dreamcast. This also means that we may no longer see any more Sonic games after Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Shuffle. A NiGHTS game, like many have been waiting for, may also not be produced for this reason. This also means that the Sonic Team runs the risk of going bankrupt soon, since no company now holds their funding. In a short Editorial, I think Yuji Naka made a small mistake that could lead to big problems. I think he should have never left Sega.

    ???Oh, uhh, hi! If you don't know know me already, my name is Pepperidge. You've probably noticed that for the last 2 months the news on SonicNEXT hasn't been updated. Well, appearently Vec (current webmaster there) is too pre-occupied with hosting and another site to keep up with the news, so that's where I come in!

    ???That's right, you're looking at (well, sort of) the new news reporter for SonicNEXT! Once I get that darn FTP downloaded, I'll bring you the lateset Sonic Team news. Plus I also have a couple more aces up my sleeve, but you'll just have to wait and see! Hope to see you there! It's a beautiful thing, oh yeah!:D

    Weekend News

    Good evening friends, I hope you had a very good weekend this first weekend in August, but as we return to the daily routine ahead of us this week, here's a little Sonic news to keep you company. Tonight--AJ Freda auctions off another Archie Sonic comic, the SSRG hits a milestone, the Green Hill Zone gets a domain, and a Sonic Fan Games HQ forum moderator is getting tough on discussion about the recent Emulation Zone hack.

    Wait, before you get too excited, it's only wallpaper. :)

    Yes Sonic Team have created a new backdrop for you to use on your Windows or Mac desktop. There was also one released on the 1st of July, but I don't know if that was reported or not. Anyway, you can get them both from this page.

    EMULinks will be a large non-profit directory of emulation and gaming-related sites. It will be dynamically-generated, allowing far greater complexity than you could find on a hand-made directory page.

    Andy Wolan, owner of, who hosts and gave us the domain name, has written this press release:

    As part of our on going commitment to the emulation scene and to video gamers alike, the Emulation Zone is proud to announce EmuLinks.Com . The goal of this new web site is to pick-up where many search engines, like Yahoo, leave off by offering a complete database of links geared toward emulation and video gaming. Since it's coded, owned and operated by us, a non-profit organization, you can be sure that we will strive to offer our viewers an unbiased service they can depend on.

    What makes our site unique from many "link sites" on the web is that our site is completely automated. This allows us to do things to our database of links unimaginable or too difficult to incorporate on site that are edited by hand, such as real time user feedback.

    The site is currently in its final beta testing phases, but just about all the bugs have been ironed out. I would like to cordially invite everyone with a related web site to on stop on by and submit a link to your site. Our team of reviewers will go through the link submission and review the sites accordingly.

    If you don't have a web site, we would like to welcome the public to play around with the site, add links to their favorite related home pages and give feedback on what they think of the place.

    Wait, before you get too excited, it's only wallpaper. :)

    Yes Sonic Team have created a new backdrop for you to use on your Windows or Mac desktop. There was also one released on the 1st of July, but I don't know if that was reported or not. Anyway, you can get them both from this page

    From Knux of Australia:

    The Big Breakfast, a morning cartoon show in Oz has been canned. As a result, the repeat showing of Sonic Underground has been cut short. The show was part of a reshowing of the most popular cartoon shows voted for. This probably means Sonic Underground including the rumored "Lost episodes" will never be seen again as after Agro's Cartoon connection was cancelled, there was a 3 year gap before a show like it came out. Channel 7 has declined to explain why the show has been axed.

    Sonic the Comic 184

    The last issue of "Sonic the Comic" to feature an original story is now on sale. It will be available until 11 July 2000. This is effectively the death of the comic. Future stories will feature an original cover by Richard Elson, accompanied by reprint material selected by current Managing Editor Steve MacManus.

    COVER (features spoiler):

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De Ville

    Robotnik has lured the terrible Chaos creature to his mountain retreat and gathered the Chaos Emeralds allowing him to grow into the almighty Perfect Chaos. Despite the pleas of assistant Grimer, it is clear that Robotnik has NO PLAN - he has gone completely insane and believes he is setting up the end of the world. He may be right. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy seemed to be at the mercy of Perfect Chaos when Super Sonic and Ebony arrived. A far cry from his days as a world-destroying demon of incredible Chaos energy, Super Sonic's energy is now almost up and he needs the Chaos Emeralds to regenerate. He leaps into Perfect Chaos, a clash of the Chaos creatures that need the Chaos Energy to survive. PICK UP THE LATEST ISSUE FOR THE STUNNING CONCLUSION! Not to mention some BIG surprises!

    WIN SONIC ADVENTURE ACTION FIGURES! Courtesy of Bandai UK, the STC folk have 30 Sonic action figures, and thirty additional figures of either Knuckles or Tails models to give away.
    SONIC VS SUPER SONIC Past cover artwork from script-hume Nigel Kitching reproduced in full 'widescreen' view. Previously seen in part on the cover of issue 86.
    KNUCKLES: TOTAL CHAOTIX Part 6 Concludes today! Nack has betrayed Knuckles and Chaotix to the sinister Brotherhood of Metallix, but finds that the Brotherhood are just as treacherous than he is. (Script: Nigel Kitching; Art: Richard Elson; Lettering: Elitta Fell - originally printed in issue 58)
    TAILS: SMALL CHANGE Tails is shrunk to the size of an ant when Grimer's jealous cousin Slimey uses his shrinking ray. How can Tails stop Slimey's enormous robot from destroying the village when he's busy avoiding dewdrops? (Script: Lew Stringer; Art: Bob Corana; Colour: Steve White; Lettering: Tom Frame - originally printed in issue 88)
    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: DIY DANGER Comedy story in which Sonic encounters Rodger Bodge, a rabbit obsessed with DIY. It soon becomes clear that it's worth Sonic's attention when Bodge's fixed-up bridges and Troopers become a danger to himself and others! (Script: Lew Stringer; Art: Bob Corana; Colour: Nigel Dobbyn; Lettering: Tom Frame - originally printed in issue 103)
    And - Data Zone flashbacks for new readers! Graphic Zone readers' art - Printed pictures win a Sonic digital watch!

    Price: ?1.35

    More 'Sonic the Comic' information is available at: STC: STEM

    Say hello to Sonic 89's color cover, just released! And from the look of things - the rumors may be true and someone may be getting the boot out of Knothole Village...

    "Thicker Than Water"
    "Return To Albion - Part Two"
    Writer(s): Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
    Penciler(s): James Fry & Steve Butler
    Inker(s): Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

    The heroes deal with the disastrous results of last issue's major turmoil, and in the process face their own inner turmoil as well. Princess Sally is among the hardest hit, keeping a vigil for her ailing father, King Max - while Sonic blames himself for King Max's condition. Meanwhile, Doctor Robotnik has returned to see the damage his headquarters has suffered. Marshaling forces of Shadow Bots and Robians, he plots his revenge, even as Sonic ponders the Sword of Acorns' alleged ability to restore the Robians' own free will....And in the backup story, Knuckles and friends return to Albion, where many surprises await them - including Antoine discovering his roboticised father, General D'Coolette there.

    Credit:Worlds of Westfield

    Sonic HQ RA News

    Hello, I'm back with a brand new RA Edition. To listen to it, click here for a streamed RealPlayer broadcast, or hereto download the whole thing.

    I'll be back either tomorrow or Tuesday, since it is the long Indepdence Day holiday here in the USA, with a special Long Weekend News. For now, enjoy the RA News.