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    Interview with Sonikku Team

    Welcome to Sonic HQ’s exclusive interview with Sonikku Team member CyberKnux! Sonikku Team is working on several fan games, including Sonic Quest and Metal Sonic Quest. Henry Prower is the host of this interview.

    SHQ: Thank you for taking time out to talk with us.

    CyberKnux: You’re welcome.

    SHQ: What first gave you the idea to start Sonikku Team?

    CyberKnux: Well, it wasn’t really my idea. It was Hedgesmfg’s. When we first came up with the idea to create a Sonic game and he suggested we form a team. So we did. Hedgesmfg also came up with the team’s name.

    SHQ: Why did you want to create a Metal Sonic game, instead of a regular Sonic game?

    CyberKnux: Well, Hedgesmfg basically created that game. I think he created MSQ because he wanted to make a different game. There are alot of regular SOnic games, and MSQ is, well, different.

    CyberKnux: Hedgesmfg has contributed alot to the SOnikku Team, much more then I have.

    SHQ: What is your position at Sonikku Team?

    CyberKnux: I’m the president, basically because I was the one who created the idea to create Sonic Quest.

    SHQ: We hear that you have a new game coming out called Sonic Quest. How much % is done with that game?

    CyberKnux: Yeah. We havn’t gotten very far with it. If I were to say percentage it would be 5%.

    SHQ: Is it to early to quote you on a release date?

    CyberKnux: Yes.

    CyberKnux: Way too early. Heh. But I would say it should be compelted within a year or less.

    SHQ: There are very many struggling fan-game creators out there. Would you like to give them any tips on making games?

    CyberKnux: Oh, yes. Try to make your game some-what original. Don’t use overused midis. DO NOT rush the game. If you can try to make the whole game fan-made. It would show that you worked hard on the game.

    CyberKnux: Make it have a good plot, and make cutscenes skipable. IMO, watching cutscnes when you don’t want to is extremly boring and takes away fro mthe gameplay.

    SHQ: What program do you reccomend to make games with?

    CyberKnux: Hm.. I have both MMF and CnC and I think they are both great. The bad thing about MMF is its surface layout. It’s some-what complicated, andd, IMO, it takes way too long to start up.

    SHQ: Do you have any info on any upcoming games past Sonic Quest?

    CyberKnux: Well, I cannot call it info, but I can say the games that might be made. AmyRose the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic’s Revenge(sequal to Metal Sonic Quest), Sonic the Freedom Fighter, and I think that’s it. Also, during the process of Sonci Quest being made mini games will be made, which will probably have a zone or two.

    SHQ: Do you have a personal favorite fangame?

    CyberKnux: I think Sonic Brick is the best! It’s fun and addictive!

    SHQ: When was Sonikku Team founded?

    CyberKnux: Hm… About a year ago.

    SHQ: Are there any useful codes for any of Sonikku Team’s games?

    CyberKnux: Hm.. not really. I don’t remember a code to MSQ.. I can get back to ya when I do do find it out, again.

    SHQ: Do you have any favorite Sonic sites?

    CyberKnux: I like Sonic HQ, SFGHQ, The Sonic Zone, tSf, Team Artail, and I think those sites are the best.

    SHQ: Is there anything else you’d like to add in this interview?

    CyberKnux: Well, there’s not much.. but.. Look foward to the Sonic Quest sprites to be done within a couple of months, perhaps less if I get more tiem to work on them. Expect another Sonic Quest demo out within a couple of months, too!

    SHQ: Speaking of sprites, what is your favorite place to get character sprites?

    CyberKnux: Sonic Fan Games HQ. It has a great variety of sprites, and it is the best place to get them from.

    SHQ: Well, I don’t see much more to ask you.

    CyberKnux: Okie Dokie.

    SHQ: Thank you for taking time out of the day to let us interview you.

    SHQ: It’s been a pleasure.

    CyberKnux: No problem.

    SHQ: We’ll see you later.

    CyberKnux: See ya!