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    Hey there! If you haven’t noticed I am the guy who mostly posts when Lighty doesn’t.  And boy do I have an exclusive treat for you! I sent an q&a email to Sonic HQ way back in 2002. I was so excited I got a response that I printed it out! …Which turned out to be the only surviving copy of it ever happening. Good thing I spent the entire night retyping it EXACTLY as it appeared on this paper!  Well apart from deleting my real name and all. Otherwise everything is there, misspellings lowercase and all.


    From:     “Ron Prower”
    To:       <********>
    Sent:     Sunday, February 10, 2002 8:16 PM
    Subject:  Re: lots of sonic questions

    >From: “********” <********>
    >CC: “***** ********” 
    >Subject: lots of sonic questions
    >Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 17:04:17 -0600
    >um… i have lots of questions (15) about sonic.
    >1. will the original sonic 1 & 2 be on the pc like the s&k collection?
    >2. will sonic adventure 1 & 2 be on the pc also?
    >3. if sega said that sonic adventure 1 & 2 was going to be the last sonic game,
    >why did they change their mind?
    >4. if tails was born with only one tail, would he still be just as popular?
    >5. was tails originaly going to be a playable character for sonic 2 for
    >game gear?
    >6. was knuckles originaly going to be a playable character for sonic triple
    >trouble for game gear?
    >7. who is sonic’s biggest rival: robotnik, knuckles, or shadow?
    >8. in sonic cd, how can amy be seen in palmtree panic act 1 present and
    >captured in collision chaos act 1 present, yet be rescued in stardust
    >speedway act 3 future and can be seen at the very end of metallic madness 
    >act 3 future? did she age a lot before sonic rescued her?
    >9. whenever amy hugs sonic in sonic cd, why does her eyes turn pink?
    >10. how did we get the idea that sonic hates amy?
    >11. when i was searching around in the sonic screen saver’s files, i found
    >the sonic music file and played each level’s music one by one. but when i
    >got to s3&k’s selection, i noticed that after marble garden’s music, it was
    >flying battery, then mushroom hill, then sandopolis! what happend to
    >carnival night, ice cap, and launch base’s music? does this have anything
    >to do with the thing that the sonic and knuckles collection’s carnival
    >night, ice cap, and launch base’s music is different than the genesis’s
    >12. i know that knuckles favorite food is grapes. but what about everybody 
    >else in the sonic universe? is sonic’s and tails’s favorite food chilli
    >dogs like they claim in aosth? is dr. robotnik’s favorite food egg related
    >like an omelette or scrambled eggs? does princess sally like acorns or
    >other asorted nuts? do flickys like to eat birdseed?
    >13. is the floating island really called angel island? i heard on the
    >internet that it was true. is it?
    >14. i also heard on the internet that hyper sonic can breathe underwater
    >without the bubble shield. is this true also?
    >15. what was the color of sonic’s eyes before the green-eyed sonic of sonic
    >adventure? was his eyes always green? and have you noticed that sonic’s
    >eyes turns green when he turns into super sonic? interesting…
    >    and there you have it. i tried to put all my questions on to one 
    >e-mail so i won’t ask you again and again and again to irritate you. i
    >don’t think you will answer these by tomorrow or even next week. but i do
    >want you to at least answer these because i think that these are good
    >questions and not “r” rated i tried to follow all your rules and i think
    >that i did a good job. 🙂 ~galapagosturtle


    1) As I know of so far, no, but you can go to sites like Emulation Zone and 
    get the ROMs of Sonic 1 and 2.
    2) Probably not for a long time.
    3) Sonic Adventure sold better than they thought it would so thus to keep
     things going, and make money, they planned a second Sonic game and also to 
    celebrate Sonic’s 10 years in gamming.
    4) Maybe, however we’ll never know.
    5) The first Game Gear games always differed from the Genesis version and
    there was some evidance that he was suppose to (from the title screens to
    the zones), but Sega changed it at the last minute for reasons unkown.
    6) No, he was set to be the bad guy, and stay the bad guy.
    7) Robotnik.
    8) It’s possible she was just brought there, Sonic can do the time warp so
    obviously Robotnik would be able to. And she stayed there until Sonic 
    brought her back.
    9) They’re suppose to be hearts because she’s in love with him.
    10) Archie comics and Sonic never really going ga-ga over her.
    11) They were never put in there for some reason, Expert Software just got 
    lazy and probably duplicated the music. I’ve never been sure since the music
    from the CD never played like it was suppose to in the game when I played 
    12) Pretty much, Sonic’s and Tails’ favorite food is Chilli Dogs, however
    Sega and Archie have never included such particulars.
    13) Yes, it’s real name is Angel Island, but it’s nickname is the Floating 
    Island because it floats.
    14) I believe so, I’ve just always had the bubble shield in case, saves 
    having to worry.
    15) Sonic’s original eyes were black, as were most cartoon characters back
    then, it saved the animators a lot of trouble, but with the new technology
    and the redesign by Sonic Team, Sonic & Co. got color to their eyes for the 
    first time.



    Well there you have it! You can pretty much tell how I was over a decade ago. I used to be scared of downloading ROMS back then, now I do stuff like this: