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  • Sonic 2 Game Gear Press Prototype acquired by Sonic Retro

    Now here is exiting news! Over at Sonic Retro they have aquired the rom Sega used to give to magazines to advertise the game, however just by the video you can see things aren't exactly final! Weird loops and different art abound, including those crazy trees!  Compare this demo to say the long lost Sonic 1 Genesis demo […]

    More Blasts From Sonic HQs Past

    Hey there! If you haven’t noticed I am the guy who mostly posts when Lighty doesn’t.  And boy do I have an exclusive treat for you! I sent an q&a email to Sonic HQ way back in 2002. I was so excited I got a response that I printed it out! …Which turned out to […]

    Shocking Alert! People on /co/ are using Sonic HQ archives!

    Bells clanged into the air when it was revealed that people remember and still use Sonic HQ’s archives without any of our prompting! Even still is that it was caught in the seedly underbelly of the internet (but not really) comics and cartoons board a certain unnamed but well known site. Unfortunately, we here at […]

    What if the Sonic Series was a magical girl show

      Well now you know. It is suprisingly well animated. Have some more in the set below:

    Sonic Boom, a new Sonic Cartoon!

    Today Sega has announced a new computer generated animated series titled Sonic Boom (but still a working title) to debut next Fall in 2014 on Cartoon Network. As shown in the teaser image, it will feature Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. We’re also told the format will be episodes of 11 minutes which likely means […]