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  • SEGA reveals Mama Robotnik’s Mean Clean Machine!

    Looks like we’re getting another Sonic game this year in addition to Sonic Mania Plus and the still unannounced Sonic Racing game.

    Today Sega announced a new mobile game called Mama Robotnik’s Mean Clean Machine! It’s the sequel to Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine which released for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Master System and Game Gear nearly 25 years ago. Full press announcement below:

    Burbank, California — March 31, 2018 — All of these beans from Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine have spilled all over the place and made a mess and HAVE GOT TO GO! Help Mama Robotnik clean them up!

    Match the irons as they fall from above with other similar colored irons. Mama Robotnik's Mean Clean Machine builds upon the previous Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine's game mechanics but with the added twist that you do NOT want to anger Mama Robotnik or else! Leaving too much of a mess will make her furious but you can profusively apologize via your mobile device's microphone to appease her.

    Mama Robotnik's Mean Clean Machine will be available for free to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play later this year.