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  • More stuff on Sonic X DVD

    For anyone who speaks English that's interested in ordering the first Japanese Sonic X DVD, you can find it here at CD Japan

    It's price is 3800 yen, or $31.39 in US dollars. A pretty reasonable price for an import anime DVD. That is, so long as you have a Region 2 or Region-free DVD player.

    Source: *CJ Japan*

    Addition to Rlan’s article below…

    In addition to Rlan’s post below, I’d like to add a few things: The original version of Sonic #80’s cover was Sonic vs. Chaos 0. Instead, this looks to be a redone version of what would’ve been Knuckles #33. Knuckles, Robotnik, and Big (with Froggy) look as if they have been re-drawn from the original […]

    SU on the Sci-Fi Channel

    Apparently, Sonic Underground won't be on the Sci-Fi Channel for just this month. It will also be on at LEAST through November as well. In fact, Knuckles' first appearance in the show (“Friend Or Foe”) will be shown that month. Strangely enough, on the 29th of November, they show “Wedding Bell Blues” again, followed by […]