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  • Comic Section Revamp

    I’m happy to say that the Comics Section has been redone with more HTML5 in mind. I hope this will improve the user experience! You can scroll through using your mouse wheel, the mouse itself and even the arrow keys on the keyboard. Note there are still some comics are missing from the database and […]

    Sonic The Hedgehog 237 Preview Pages

    We’re testing a new experimental feature by offering the preview pages officially released in a HTML5 format that modern browsers can take advantage of. Sonic The Hedgehog # 237 Description & Preview Pages Want to read the full issue? You can get it here!

    Remember the old Sonic HQ?

    I mean the really old SHQ. Sonic HQ of years past. Chances are you haven’t seen it in a while! Special thanks to Andy for all the files!

    Announcing Midis Section Return!

    Well it used to be called the music section but it’s really 90% midis. You remember those, right? The thing that was popular on the web before mp3s took off and would play in the background with no option to turn off. Well we have some. Don’t worry, they don’t play in the background. You […]

    Reintroducing Games and new Sonic HD section

    I’ve added a Games link to the menu. It’s still very much a work in progress! Additionally, you can find a new subsection in the Animation section dubbed as “Sonic HD” containing HD Sonic content, some fan made, some official. Oh yeah, also testing a new layout.

    Episode 2 Logo Announced

    It’s becoming more and more obvious Tails will be playable in Sega’s next installment to Sonic 4 but remains to be known is the scope of his play-ability. Will it be optional a la Sonic CD Rerelease/Sonic 2/S3&K?. I’m betting on optional. Sega has learned its lesson. Source: Sega Blogs

    A Taste Of The New Comics Section!

    A new comics section is in the works and can be found here: It is still very much a work in progress but you can search through issues 1-189. Soon to come: All Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Sonic Universe, Sonic X, Specials and Knuckles. Please stay tuned!

    The Return of Content!

    The animation section has been “remastered”? for the newer layout and is just the first of this site’s major overhaul. Comics is coming next so stay tuned!

    Announcing FanArt Beta!

    We will now be rolling out a new feature for SHQ. A revamped fanart section! To begin using it, you will need to be a member. You will see an option in account settings to enable it. From there you will be able to upload your fanart! Please note it is still a beta and […]