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    Sonic HQ turns 15 today

    Believe it or not but today is Sonic HQ’s 15th anniversary. Hard to believe, I know. In its honor, I’ve fixed the images on the original Sonic HQ site that was on geocities in the late 1990s. I don’t have all the images, unfortunately. Additionally, if you have a SHQ account, you can opt to […]

    SHQ Founder Zifei needs support with his upcoming game, Planet Explorers

    Zifei, the founder of Sonic HQ, is now the head of a team working on an indie game called Planet Explorers. They can’t quite do it all themselves though so they’re looking for support through Kickstarter. If you’re into Minecraft, terraforming, sandbox environments, or even just sci fi please do go check it out!

    We have a forum now (again)

    It is still a work in progress but you can now post within our forum. You do have to be logged in. So come drop by. We have bacon pancakes.

    Worlds Collide subpage

    To make better sense of the upcoming Worlds Collide Saga, a subpage has been created solely for it. In there you will also find solicitations for Sonic Universe 52, which is part 5 of the Worlds Collide Saga. They are in release date order. When Worlds Collide

    SHQ Question and Answer added to search

    Doing searches will now return results from the old Q&A section which has now also been reformatted to conform to the new layout. (No, there won’t be new Q&A content unless there’s demand for it) Browsing through the older questions and answers may not be all that exciting but the Dr FexusFan edition of the […]

    Sonic 244 previews, Archie Sonic release date Google Calendar

    Preview pages are now live for Sonic The Hedgehog #244. In addition, I’ve determined perhaps a few out there would like a Google Calendar of the upcoming ArchieSonic release dates. Right now it’s Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. I may add the Archives and Selects soon. Calendar Google Calendar ICS file

    Sonic HQ Encyclopedia

    If you remember this old relic, I’ve now incorporated it into the search results. The SHQ Encyclopedia isn’t nearly as good as some of the other stuff out there on the net but it still has some worthy content. I haven’t decided if it should get its very own portal yet as it is still […]

    SHQ Search

    You will now notice a search bar near the top of the page. You can now currently search through music, games, comics and articles that were posted here. Please note that it is a work in progress but still very functional.