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    Good evening, and happy Columbus Day, Yom Kippur, and/or Thanksgiving (in Canada, that is.) Today, I have a couple things to pass along to you, including Malaysia banning arcade games, Samba maracas at EBWorld, and Daytona getting a, some have all the luck...

    News Update

    Good evening friends, sorry for being a bit late on my news, but it happens. Today, we find Sega potentially committing cybersquatting, nominations for the Sonic Emmy Awards announced, and the number of PS2s available come the 26th of this month have been cut in half.

    Weekend News

    Hello from me, with the news from this weekend. Today, release dates, hack threats, and Naomi 2.

    Weekend News

    Good evening friends, Tristan here. In today's report, Peter Moore testifies before Congress, a Genesis/Sega CD hybrid called the WonderMega hits EBay, and something that has hit home for all of us here at Sonic HQ brings a wonderful turn of events.

    News Update

    I suppose I should explain why I've been gone for two weeks...basically, I took some time off to enjoy what's left of my Summer, and that didn't go so well. So, I used up what was left of the time to focus on my own site. That said, you're probably wondering where the new RA News is. I can tell you it's coming September 10th, when we're right in the middle of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

    But, for now, here's all the Sonic and Sega news that's happening now.

    Weekend News

    Good evening friends, I hope you had a very good weekend this first weekend in August, but as we return to the daily routine ahead of us this week, here's a little Sonic news to keep you company. Tonight--AJ Freda auctions off another Archie Sonic comic, the SSRG hits a milestone, the Green Hill Zone gets a domain, and a Sonic Fan Games HQ forum moderator is getting tough on discussion about the recent Emulation Zone hack.

    Sonic HQ RA News

    Hello, I'm back with a brand new RA Edition. To listen to it, click here for a streamed RealPlayer broadcast, or hereto download the whole thing.

    I'll be back either tomorrow or Tuesday, since it is the long Indepdence Day holiday here in the USA, with a special Long Weekend News. For now, enjoy the RA News.

    Weekend News…On Monday

    Hello again, you can fault this late entry to an Internal Server Error which made me unable to file anything yesterday. But that is behind us, so let’s get on to the news. First, take a look at this article posted by Blaze Hedgehog on the SFGHQ, it could mean great news for Sonic fan […]

    A Quick News Update

    Hello, no Weekend News this week since A)The CGI system went cuckoo on Sunday (this was NOT SHQ’s fault), and B) The problem has fallen right into my exam week. But, before I go, I want to quickly note that JD Harding of The Sonic Corner has done three major things in the past two […]