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    • Discserver

      The MF started as a tiny board at serverapps which had a threaded layout. There were no user accounts. You could even freely use HTML in the topic titles.

      • Sonic HQ Version 1

      Ezboard Era

      Once the forum got big, new forum software became paramount. We got user accounts, WYSIWYG editors, multiple forums, avatars and more. In 2005, Ezboard was hacked terribly and we lost half of
      all our posts.

      • Ezboard

      Yuku Era

      Ezboard was written in SmallTalk and not really maintained and so forum software that was written in a more modern language was necessary. They slowly migrated forums from Ezboard to their new
      platform, Yuku. Yuku later got bought from a company called CrowdGather.

      • Yuku

      Present Era

      Wanting control of our own data, the forum moved from a proprietary hosted forum to self hosted exploring phpBB and SMF. Ultimately, due to staffing issues and neglect, the board relocated back to Yuku
      which then later was acquired by Tapatalk in 2017.

      This is where it currently resides

      • Tapatalk